Thank you

My QHHT session with Hong was amazing! We started with a chat. I felt relaxed, safe and comfortable. I was profoundly surprised by how vivid visually and emotionally the journey into my past life was. I visited a reincarnation which was relevant to my current life experience. My question was answered. Now, I am able to release the past by understanding and accepting the ‘NOW’, and I look forward to the future with courage and a ‘lighter’ me. I felt like some barriers have been lifted, and I am on my way to walking my true path. So thank you, Hong.”

With much love,

Shery L, Bossley Park NSW

Hong is a true treasure

My QHHT session with Hong was powerful, even more so then my session with Dolores Cannon herself! Hong is a natural healer, her instinctive line of questions lead to great details given during my session. I have also had success in my physical healings as well. My Higher Self stated I had come from the United States partially to meet and work with Hong, and I believe it! I truly can say it was worth every mile. Hong is a true treasure. My QHHT session with Hong will remain a pivotal point in my spiritual journey.

With Great Gratitude,


All I can say is OMG!

If you are reading this, make no mistake, it’s no accident! You’ve been guided to it and to Hong.

In 3 letters all I can say is: OMG!!

I’ve done a LOT of healing sessions in the past but this experience was above and beyond them all! I didn’t know what to expect and for that reason I tried to leave all expectations at the door, BUT THEN….

‘Something else’ came through during our session which absolutely was NOT my usual ‘Self’.

I was referring to myself in the 3rd person and spoke with a wisdom, confident knowing and intelligence that just astonished me when I listened back to the recording – stuff I was saying I would have NEVER thought of with my conscious mind.

It was an experience I will never ever forget and I’ll definitely be back at some point after a period of integration.

Nick, Sydney NSW

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