Seth is one of my most favourite and loved Spiritual teachers, channeled by Jane Roberts, and a pioneer speaker on how we Create Our Own Reality, Law of Attraction.

Here’s an excerpt straight from Seth, The Early Sessions, Book 7,
Session 332, where he speaks about negative images and attraction and how to deal with unwanted thought patterns.

Seth says,

“A great many unsatisfactory conditions result
because individuals become frightened at various
periods in their lives, doubt themselves, and begin
to concentrate upon ‘negative’.

When you find yourself facing negative images in your mind
projecting them into the future, you
should at once mentally wipe out that image and replace it
with a
constructive image.

This must be done immediately and upon every such occasion
under every such circumstance. This exercise will indeed
wipe out
the previous negative image.

For example, if you think that tomorrow (a particular person)
will misbehave, you should, in your mind, replace this with the
image of them behaving very well.

If you imagine that a particular person will misbehave, you are
automatically sending them a telepathic message to that effect. If
they are highly susceptible to suggestion, they will carry out the
suggestions that you have given.

When you replace this with a constructive thought, you are
sending that constructive suggestion to which they will also react.

Any time you see yourself in your mind as unhealthy or weak, you
must immediately wipe the image away and make an effort to see
instead a mental image of yourself as healthy and strong.

Such images affect your whole physical system through the
manufacture of hormones and chemicals.

Tell yourself: I will only react to constructive suggestions.

If however, you find yourself harboring a negative suggestion,
then instantly counter it by replacing it with a constructive one.

When you are in a poor state of mind, you automatically affect the
others you meet, negatively.

You then react to their behavior and complete the circle.

Now this leads into a highly charged emotional environment.
When the peak is reached then self-pity controls your emotions
completely that there seems to be no escape.