Frequently Asked Questions


No, you will always be in control. The hypnotherapist can only offer the suggestion for consideration and you decide whether to accept the suggestion or not. Even when hypnotised, a part of the human mind acts as an “observer”, which monitors the process to ensure you are in control of your actions. Your mind will not allow you to do anything that is against your values or ethics, or disclose anything you do not want to talk about.

No, that would be unethical and we are bound by the ethics of the Australian Psychological Society and can not ‘make’ you do anything! The observer part of the hypnotised mind will not let you do anything you disagree with, including ‘being silly’. Volunteers who participate in stage hypnosis are volunteering to do so because they know the role requires them to be silly and they want to be silly!

We will provide a comfortable and safe environment for you to share relevant personal history (guided by the therapist); We will assist you to identify your goals and you will listen to suggestions of relaxation and follow them if you choose too. You will be able to relax and enjoy positive, guided visualisations and suggestions. In some hypnotherapy examples, you will be guided step by step through an interactive therapy process, which may include you communicating with the hypnotherapist while hypnotised.

You will feel relaxed and in a familiar state of being just on the verge of falling asleep. A part of your mind will feel deeply relaxed, while another part will remain alert and will observe the process.

At all times throughout therapy, you will be in full control of your ability to communicate your needs. Your experience of the hypnosis will be monitored closely by your therapist who is trained to monitor and ensure there is no discomfort.

Fear of hypnosis is usually based on not understanding how it works. Therefore we spend some time at the start of a session to understand any fears or unknowns you may have. With education and explanation you will feel knowledgeable, reassured and confident.

Allow yourself to be surprised! Even people who tell themselves ‘it won’t work’ are surprised by the power of suggestion. You will know it has worked when you observe your behaviour changing in a way in which you want.

If you are open and honest about attaining your true goal and you receive relevant suggestions through your therapy, you will experience very good results. However, if you really do not actually want what you are requesting (for example, you do not really want to quit smoking at all), you will find hypnosis less effective.

For ‘quit smoking’ you will only need three sessions, as long as you really do want to quit. For other issues, some people may need a ‘top up’, for relapse prevention however, you will receive personalised recordings in the sessions and this will also assist you to practice in between sessions too.

If you come to the session with one issue, more than likely you will only require three sessions and may need a ‘top up’ session. If it turns out that your issue is more complex and actually involves resolving or working through several issues, then you may require further sessions. Your therapist will always be clear with you on what issue they are tackling first and if other issues need to be addressed too.


A session is 4-5 hours, depending on your individual needs. The cost is $555.

Generally, only one session.

No. Nobody else is permitted to stay during the session. They can drop you off and then pick you up after the session.

Some call it the Over-soul or super-conscious. It is the higher frequency aspect of your multi-dimensional consciousness that does not embody itself when you take on a physical form. It remains in the spirit realms, connected to the divine source and acts as a link between Source and your evolving soul. In any spiritual interaction, you first unite with your Higher Self. Then in that higher nature, you unite with your divine source. It is an immense resource of wisdom, intelligent insight and knowing that can bring real meaning, fulfillment and purpose to your life. Your Higher Self can answer any and every question you have. It knows everything there is to know about you and the life you are living now. The Higher Self will only share information that is appropriate and information that is of benefit to you at the time.

No. In some sessions, we only visit memories from your childhood. When it comes to what is defined as a ‘past life’, it doesn’t matter if it is our imagination creating a subconscious story or as an ‘actual’ event, an analogy or as a metaphor. What is important is that it helps you in a way that is insightful. Whatever questions you may have, your Higher Self is the source of all answers and will help you in ways that will surprise you.